Texas Racing Commission
Online Application for New Business Licenses



To complete the online application for a business license the following information will be requested:

  • Applicant Name
  • Address
  • Participating owners, their Racing Commission license number, and percentage of ownership

Some business licensees may not be eligible to submit an application online due to regulatory issues with the Racing Commission. You are not eligible to apply online for a business license if any of the following applies:

  • Any individual who owns 5% or more of the business is not currently individually licensed by the Commission.
  • The business or any owner of the business has any outstanding fines or returned checks.
  • The business or any owner of the business has an outstanding ruling that makes the business or owner ineligible to participate in racing (i.e. license is suspended).
  • The business or any owner of the business has been flagged by the Racing Commission to see a steward, judge, or investigator. This is usually because the stewards, judges, or investigators have some questions or information for the person.
  • The business has a foreign address. At this time, the Texas.gov portal cannot process applications with foreign addresses. Texas.gov is working to address this issue and we hope to offer this in the future.

By default, the person submitting this online application will be the designated representative for the business. The designated representative must have a Racing Commission license in good standing.

To process a multiple owner/stable/farm/kennel application, all partners owning 5% or more in the business must be licensed. If a business application is submitted and all the partners are not licensed within 21 days, the business application will not be processed and the license fee will not be refunded. The designated representative is responsible for ensuring that the partners are properly licensed. You may contact the Racing Commission to inquire on the license status of an individual. The names of any owners owning less than 5% in the business must also be disclosed in this application.

Be aware that when your online application is processed, your ending date will be the last day of the month, twelve (12) months from the date your license is processed. If you are submitting an application for a multiple owner with a two or three year term, your ending date will be the last day of the month twenty-four (24) months from the date your two year license is processed or thirty-six (36) months from the date your three year license is processed. As an example, a one-year license that is processed in January of 2010 will result in an expiration date of January 31, 2011.

For Multiple Owner/Stable/Farm Registration:

If the owner on the race animal's registration papers is an entity other than an individual, such as a partnership, estate, or stable, all individuals who own 5% or more of the race animal must be individually licensed. The animal will not be permitted to race until all those individuals are licensed. If the race animal is owned jointly by a husband and wife, a Multiple Owner/Stable Registration is not required unless the husband and wife do not have the same last name. The names of all the owners must be submitted within the Owner Information section of this online application.

For Kennel Name Registration:

Provide the owner name, Racing Commission license number, and percentage owned for each individual who owns an interest in the kennel, as well as each officer, director, etc.

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