Texas Racing Commission
Online Application for New Licenses


Eligibility/Frequently Asked Questions

To keep the cost of certain license types as low as possible, the Racing Commission has determined that some license types are not eligible for online application. In addition, some people are not eligible to submit a license application online due to administrative or regulatory issues with the Commission. Before proceeding with the online application process, please view the eligibility page and the FAQ page on the Texas Racing Commission web site.

Generally, you are not eligible to apply online for a license if any of the following applies:

  • You have any outstanding fines or returned checks.
  • You have a ruling against you issued by another racing jurisdiction that makes you ineligible to participate in racing (i.e. any license is suspended).
  • Your license has been flagged by the Racing Commission for you to see a steward, judge, or investigator. This is usually because the stewards, judges, or investigators have some questions or information for you.
  • You have a foreign address. At this time, the Texas.gov portal cannot process applications with foreign addresses. Texas.gov is working to address this issue and we hope to offer this in the future.

Read the Guidelines to continue.

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