Texas Medical Board
Physician In Training (PIT) Permit


Welcome to the TMB Physician in Training (PIT) Permit Application

In order to apply online, you must have:
  • Your TMB personal ID#, which can only be obtained and given to the applicant by the Graduate Medical Education office, Residency Program or Director of Medical Education, and
  • Your ACGME, AOA, or TMB Program ID# as provided by your Graduate Medical Education office, Program Director or Director of Medical Education, and
  • If your residency program will be paying your application fee, you will also need their third party identification number. Note: If the permit is for an out of state resident completing rotations in Texas, use the out of state Program ID#, not the one of the Texas rotation site.
  • Applying for a permit online is convenient and easy, requiring only a few simple steps:

    • Select your license type:
      • Initial PIT Permit - select only if this is your first application for a PIT permit in Texas (unless you are a rotator) or if you previously held a PIT permit and the permit expired or was terminated.
      • Rotator PIT Permit - select only if you are a visiting resident from a program in another state. Rotator permits are limited to the dates of the rotation in Texas; however, you can reapply online for a different rotation later, if needed.
      • Institution Change PIT Permit - select only if you have a current PIT permit and are now transferring to a new institution for a new residency program. You do not need this permit if you are changing departments within the same institution. Your program just needs to inform TMB of the change.
    • Enter all requested information. The application must be completed and all information entered by the applicant and no other party.
    • Review the information you entered and modify, if necessary.
    • Pay the non-refundable permit fee using one of the following:
      • MasterCard,
      • Visa,
      • Discover,
      • American Express,
      • Electronic Check, or
      • Third Party Pay.
    • View and print the receipt. No other receipt will be mailed to you. If your institution might reimburse you for the fee, we suggest you print a copy of this receipt.

Read the Guidelines to continue.

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