The following table has been provided to help you understand why fees are charged to a driver.

Type of Fee Explanation
DI (Driver Improvement) Fee This fee is charged after a mandatory or departmental enforcement action has removed driving privileges.
SR (Safety Responsibility) Fee This fee is charged when a driver fails to file and maintain an SR-22 Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate after a mandatory enforcement action has removed driving privileges.
ALR (Administrative License Revocation) Fee An ALR Fee is charged following an enforcement action related to 1) the refusal to provide or failure of a blood or breath specimen, OR 2) the driver was not requested to provide a specimen because the presence of alcohol was detected or measured by other means.
Education Program Fee An Education Program Fee is charged when the driver has not submitted to DPS a certificate of completion of a court ordered drug or alcohol program.
Other Fees Owed This includes any other driver license fee owed.
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