Welcome to the Texas Department of Insurance Retail Fireworks Permit Registration application.

Fireworks retailers (Individuals and Distributors/Jobbers) can use this service to purchase retail fireworks permits with the State of Texas.

Important Information

  • Retail fireworks permits cost $30. (Permit Fee: $20 + Safety & Education Fee: $10)
  • All permits expire on January 31st of the following calendar year (no matter when a permit is purchased).
  • Permit holders must display the following items in a place that all customers can easily see:
  • Get Started

    Permit Holders -If you operate one or more fireworks stands, please purchase a permit. Permits are $30/each and all permits expire on January 31 of the following calendar year.


  • Fireworks rules for retail fireworks sales and storage (You must keep a copy of this at the firework stand or distribution center).
  • Retail Outdoor Stand SFMO Inspection Checklist
  • Retail Indoor Site SFMO Inspection Checklist
  • This online service is provided by Texas.gov, the official website of Texas.