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Permit Holder Instructions: This permit cannot be issued to anyone less than 18 years old. The mailing address and phone number should be the actual address and phone number of the permit holder, in case the permit holder needs to be contacted by the State Fire Marshal.
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Building Information Instructions: The information that you are providing is about the building or stand (A stand is a building), not the land or property on which it is located. Specify whether indoor sales or outdoor stand.
  • You must have a Retail Fireworks Indoor Site Information form (site plan) on file with the Texas State Fire Marshal`s office before you can sell fireworks.
    • If you don`t already have a site plan on file, fill out and return the Retail Fireworks Indoor Site Information form (Form SF222).
    • Return the form by emailing it to
    • Click here for SF222 form
Retail Sales Location Instructions: Be sure to provide the exact physical location where retail sales will take place. If there is no street address, include name of road or highway number and identify nearest intersecting street, road or highway with distance and direction to intersection.
Fireworks Storage Instructions: Provide this information for any amount of fireworks that are not on consignment. The quantity of cases may be estimated. Specify whether fireworks sold at this location were purchased, or on consignment.
Permit Issued By Instructions: If you are an individual purchasing this permit select SFMO.
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